What training tools will or will not be used?

Event Markers (like a clicker), reinforcements (treats, toys, affection, environment), 4-8 foot leashes, and harness are some of our favorites! We will never use: prong, chain or shock collars, punishing, such as yanking, yelling, “Pssssts” or “Eh” sounds, prodding, or pinching, squirt bottles or coin cans. We will also be aware if your dog finds an intended reward aversive too. For example, not all dogs love food or affection. We will not use something unrewarding.

What happens when the dog does it wrong?

It means the humans have screwed up. If the dog gets it wrong, we did not set them up for success. If the dog gets it wrong, we must re-evaluate the plan. In other words, the dog is never wrong. So if your dog does something other than what we are looking for, we choose from re-directing, ignoring, and re-setting. Your dog will not be punished for doing a behavior we didn’t want.

What happens when the dog does it right?

Your dog will receive a reward and we will provide that reward based on what the dog finds reinforcing, not what the trainer or owner find reinforcing. While training, we will observe to see that your dog enjoys the treat, affection, toys, environment, etc and we will stop using it if it is not the right motivator for your dog. We need your dog to be an active participant in training and we want them to enjoy it!


COVID-19 has extremely limited our availability. 
We are not taking new clients who are in need of weekly or reoccurring training at this time, only as-needed, virtual consultations. We hope to bring back our single privates and Pop-Up training in late Spring 2021. We are happy to refer you to one of the trainers below.

Please note: ALL of the trainers below support a positive reinforcement movement. If you hover over the questions above, each trainer below follows these guidelines in their training!

Amber is also happy to discuss any trainer or group one may find in a Google search. There are some very popular dog trainers in our area we would highly avoid.

Phyllis Zboril
Separation Anxiety cases only
Virtual sessions, trains for any location
Florida puppy classes coming soon!
Go Dog!

Lora Johnson
Batavia/Sugar Grove/Oswego area
In home and Batavia group classes
Over The Moon

Rachel Fein
Naperville area
In home and group
Cloud K9 Academy

Allie Bender
Naperville area
In home
Pet Harmony Training


Amy Saletta
Glen Ellyn area
In home and group
The Puppy Professor


Pam Yano
Downers Grove area
Group, in home, specialty classes
Enjoy Your Dog!


Alisa Healy
West Dundee areas, In home training
Puppy Classes inside Autumn Green Animal Hospital, Geneva
Dog Forward Training



Narnia Pet Behavior and Training
Group & specialty classes

Liz Mishima
Batavia (HH) and Chicago suburbs (ASB)
Group and in-home
Hightails Hideaway and A Sound Beginning Julie will schedule the ASB appointment

Aimee Busse
La Grange area
In home and group
Dogz n Harmony

Harlan and Kim Houska
Marengo area
In home, group scent detection, and travels for aggression-like cases
Top Notch K9 

Steve Frost
Chicago suburbs
630-776-8197 Julie will schedule the appointment
A Sound Beginning


Ali Evanson
South Elgin & far west suburbs
Day Training
Stay & Learn (aka Board and Train) through her email listed below.
I Got This Sit
In Home & Group through A Sound Beginning  630-776-8197 Julie will schedule the appointment.


Julia Lane
South Elgin area
Group & private training
Spot On K9 Sports


Donna Orlowski
South Elgin area
Group class only
Spot On K9 Sports

Dana Nelson
South Elgin area
In-home and group
Affinity Dog Training

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