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-Serving Batavia and Geneva [Illinois] and immediate surrounding areas.


Hello Dog Teams! Amber here. I am still training but actively referring out. Always feel free to contact me but the Find A Trainer page is a resource I created to get you connected with a trainer quickly. My focus currently is supplemental training. Filling the gap for you while you are waiting for your favorite group class to begin or Live/Learn program to begin.  If you are walking distance from me or a direct referral, I do my best to make myself available! Warm wags and happy training! 


Presently, we still have testing available for Canine Good Citizen (CGC). Our Batavia testing location for Therapy Dogs should be open again with COVID precautions. Please don’t hesitate to seek out our colleagues to Find A Trainer to meet your in-person, day training, and drop off training needs.


  • Can I give more than 5 stars? I can truly say that Animal Intuitions, Amber Walker and her "Dog Friendly Family" program is top notch! Amber has an extraordinary amount of training and dog behavior knowledge. She has an unique ability to quickly assess a situation and read dog behavior and incorporates that into her training classes. I have personally been doing dog training for about 10 years now, and sat through her "Dog Friendly Family" program and even I walked away with new information! Whether you are a new dog owner or have owned dogs your entire life, it's a great investment of about an hour of your time and is geared toward the whole family (without your lovable dog). I highly recommend checking it out...you won't be disappointed!!!

    Team Bode
  • Fantastic training!!!! They work with stress free techniques to encourage desired behaviors without ignoring a dogs basic need to... behave like a dog. Also--if Amber can train a bird/dolphin/lizard/monkey... you better believe she can train even your dog.

    Team Shamu
  • You will love Animal Intuitions! Amber is a wonderful trainer, and truly understands how dogs learn. Thinking of getting a puppy or adopting an older dog? Her "Dog Friendly Family" program will help you set up your household to create a nurturing environment. Learn the best ways to communicate with your dog. Even experienced dog owners will learn something new! Highly recommended!

    Team Lena
  • I love that I can go Amber for all kinds of training expertise. She has a wide variety of experience from dogs to reptiles!! She is always down to earth, easy to work with and really cares about her clients (human AND animal!). Let her help you with your animal family member's training!

    Team Gilly
  • Amber helped me so much with my new rambunctious cat and his relationship with my kids. He's adjusted well and she helped make sure he was the perfect addition to our family. I can't recommend Amber enough!

    Team Romero
  • I would highly recommend AI. I never thought that training could be so fun - but it turned out to always be the highlight of my week! It was so positive and interactive, and Amber worked hard to ensure that I had a firm grasp of the training concept that we were working on. She explained exactly what we were doing and why, which aided in absorption of the training material and which guaranteed that the lesson would be a life-long tool. We can finally enjoy walking Fey, and not fear that our arms will be sore the next day! The improvement we have seen has been unbelievable. Thank you so much, AI.

    Team Fey
  • As soon as I had concerns with my dog, Amber was more than willing to take time and discuss the behaviors, her thoughts and ideas over the phone. We've done a series of trainings since that have made me more confident in my understanding of the dog and how to train to get better behaviors or to try to minimize the negative behaviors. The clicker training is fantastic, easy to understand, and easy to pick up whenever we might need it.

    Team Jaxon

Awards & Certifications

Amber is a Women of Distinction Award winner for making a positive difference in the pet industry in Kane County, Illinois.

We are voted best dog training in Kane County, Illinois! Thank you!

Amber Walker is awarded (KPA) Karen Pryor Academy’s featured Certified Training Partner of the Month.


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