Nearly 80% of dog bites (accidental and provoked) come from the family dog.
Can you name 5 most common signs your dog is stressed enough to bite?
Can you name 5 people your dog should meet for proper socialization?
Are you your dog’s best advocate?
This program is for: Life long dog owners! First time dog owners! Dog lovers of all kinds!

Dog-Friendly Family Class

This class is a single, 1 hour, humans only class at various locations. Proceeds help support local shelters and rescues!

Dog-Friendly Family In-home

A one-time consultation, take DFF into your home and let Amber apply the topics directly to your dog, your home, and your family!

Animal Intuitions is *not* taking new clients for weekly training sessions in either group classes or in-home training. For other trainers to consider that we know personally, please contact anyone on our Training page.

  • DFF In Home Consultation
    • Behavior: Amber will point out any of your dog’s behaviors with a full explanation as well as alert you to behaviors you should be looking for and how to react and if training, management, or reinforcement is best suited.
    • Training: An explanation of training information and how it applies to the cues your dog knows and what your dog needs to know. Amber will also recommend what training programs and referrals of trainers are a best fit for you for on-going or weekly sessions with a professional.
    • Socialization: The vital information about early and on-going socialization and the best fit for your dog.
    • Nutrition: Amber will teach basic facts about dog nutrition and can give a basic evaluation about the food your dog is already eating (This does not apply to medicated food prescribed by your veterinarian).
    • Grooming: Amber will give basic facts about what is expected in every dog’s grooming needs (like nail trims) and how to best meet those needs.
    • Fun Facts: During your visit, Amber will share great fun facts about a dog’s life and how to be a great dog-friendly family!
    • Questions: Amber is happy to answer any questions the family has about their dog!
    • Whole Family with dog
  • One-time Class
    • Cost is per family not per person
    • 55 minutes Class Covers:
    • Behavior: The key behaviors every dog displays when they are stressed or relaxed
    • Socialization: Crucial ages and life introductions for all dogs
    • Training: Basic training details. How and when a dog learns
    • Nutrition: Various food options plus how to choose.
    • Grooming: Basic information about meeting any dog’s grooming needs
    • Fun Facts: Fun and really important facts about all dogs
    • Humans Only
    • In classroom

Email Amber or follow @aitrainers on social media for details on upcoming Dog Friendly Family classes!


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